Cucuzza Squash - Order Info

World’s Largest Italian Cucuzza Piantagione. (Plantation)


  20 lb. Case
(12 ct. avg.)
52 case pallet


10 lb. Case
 (6 ct. avg.)
60 case pallet

Pallets Per Case

Per Case

1 & 2   $28



3 +   Call for discount.   318-607-6062 -



Main Office:      318-255-6897 (cst)
Christopher:      318-607-6062

CMC Wholesale Foods
718 West Tennessee Ave. Ruston LA, 71270



Shipping June through November.
  n Shelf life of about a month, when kept cool.
  n Customized shipping box assures safe transit.
  n Grown in Ruston, near Louisiana Tech University Farm.
  n Offers ethnic variety shoppers appreciate.
  n Guaranteed Fresh on delivery.
  n Cucuzza Fact sheet included in each case.
  n Cucuzza has a slightly sweeter taste and firmer texture than other squash. 
It is pure white on the inside and light green on the outside.
  n Traditional  20 lb. case offers the lowest price per pound.
  n 10 lb. case attracts new customers, giving faster turnover.

Christopher Cordaro

Owner & Grower
Established 1977