Cucuzza miele di fiori

- Cucuzza Blossom Honey -


" has a delicate flavor that's great for breakfast."
Robb Walsh

Houston Press -  June 29, 2009






Cucuzza blossoms only at night!

Each female blossom must be pollinated the night it blooms or it will die, never growing into a squash. 

Our 'night-shift' honey bees exclusively pollinate these Cucuzza Blossoms, one at a time.

All of our hives are located near Cucuzza trellis rows, giving the bees instant access to a huge buffet of their favorite nectar, which is the sugar source for their honey.  With limited access to other flowering plants, they produce a 99.9% pure Cucuzza miele di fiori. 

It's much sweeter and lighter than regular honey, with a decidedly unique flavor that family and friends now crave. 

Our Cucuzza miele di fiori is a raw product without any processing.

There's no other honey like it in the world! 
Godere... Christopher

16 oz. "Honey Bee" Dispenser 
$9 + $6 s/h
(Only one s/h charge per item)


40 oz. "Refill Size"
$18 + $7 s/h
(Only one s/h charge per item)