Frequently Asked Questions



1. What is Cucuzza?
      Cucuzza is an Italian Squash. In English it means "Super Long Squash."

2. How does it grow?
    Cucuzza grows on a vine supported by a trellis system.

3. Who grows them and where?
    Christopher Cordaro owns and operates the largest  Cucuzza
   Plantation in the world, located in Ruston, Louisiana.

4. Where did the seed come from? 
    The seeds have been passed down from his Italian ancestors.

5. How fast do they grow?
    The vine can grow 2 feet per day, and the squash can grow 10 inches per day.

6. How do you cook cucuzza?
    Cucuzza can be cooked just like any other squash.

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7. What is the right size?
    A small squash is best for stewing, a medium is best for frying, and a large squash is best for stuffing.

8. Does the squash have seeds?
    The small and medium squash have very tender, edible seeds. The large squash may have firm seeds that should be removed before cooking.

9. What color is the squash on the inside?
    The squash is pure white on the inside.

10. Do you peel the squash?
    Yes, peel the squash the same as you would an eggplant.

11. Why is the stem left on the squash?
    The long stem actually nourishes the squash for up to one month after picking.

12. Should the squash be chilled?
    The squash will stay fresh longer if chilled. (Up to 30 days.)

13. How long is the growing season?
    We pick from early June through November, or the first frost.

14. Where are cucuzza squash sold?
    CMC Wholesale currently ships to supermarket warehouses which supply stores nation wide. If you don't see them in you local supermarket please request them.

15. How does it differ from other squash?
    Cucuzza has a slightly sweeter taste and somewhat firmer texture.

16. How is Cucuzza Pronounced?

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