Cucuzza Nutritional Information            


Cucuzza Squash contains no fat or sodium, and is high in Vitamin C and fiber.  A three and one-half ounce serving has about 25 calories.

Eating five daily servings of fruits and vegetables lowers the chances of cancer.  
A recent study found that eating nine to ten daily servings of fruits and vegetables, combined with three servings of low-fat dairy products, were effective in lowering blood pressure.

Serving Size:  3/4 cup (85g)

Calories: 10   
Fat Calories: 0   
Total Fat 0 g
Sodium 0 mg
Total Cabohydrates 3 g (1% DV)
Protein 1 g, Vitamin C (15% DV)
Calcium (2% DV)

*Not a significant source of Saturated Fat, Cholesterol,  Sugars, Vitamin A, and Iron.