Sights Around the Plantation

    This is a picture of our 1st Pipe Trellis System. As you can see there are two joining rows with wires attached to the pipe which help the cucuzza plants grow. When fully grown all the wires at the top will be completely covered by the cucuzza plant and the squash will hang down where they can be easily picked.

This is a picture of our  trellis system. It is just one row of the pipe trellis's with several wires attached to helps the plants grow up and over the trellis system. Also on the bottom wire is a irrigation system from which the plants receive water and liquid fertilizer.

This is a picture of the top of the Trellis System.
As you can see there are wires at the top to help the cucuzza plants grow across the top of the trellis system.
When fully grown the complete top of the trellis system will be covered with foliage from the cucuzza plants.

These cucuzza are the perfect size for picking.
They are about 2 feet long and weigh a little over a pound each.

My Brother Roy Holding 6' Long Cucuzza

Christopher & "Mama Lou" Cordaro - Circa 1982

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